1. Client shall supply with relevant documents, at no charge, to be utilized sole by WHIZ for the purpose of this agreement. E.g: Name Card/Business Card


2. The above prices are applicable for cargo, import from appointed WHIZ warehouse only.


3. Rate are includes delivery to your office doorstep (Ground Floor only), Excluded Outstation/ Outskirt area, Labour Charges, especially to carry up to upstairs or any Shopping Mall, Shop lot, Event Hall delivery, etc. If service needed please be advice.


4. All charges and billing are determined based on size (M3) or actual weight (KG) of the cargo, whichever is higher will be selected for the calculations.


5. Parcel size (CM) or Actual weight (KG) are applcable for the quoted rates, kindly refer the standard calculation below:
Parcel size (CM) = Length + Width + Height < 120CM and Actual Weight (KG)< 20KGS/CTN


6. Billing Standard: Based on arrival times/Purchase Order (PO) or as per destination point upon delivery, whichever is higher will be selected for billing.


i) Goods arrived WHIZ warehouse in 3 different time or the order placed in 3 Purchase Order(PO), but the whole Shipment deliver to 1 destination point→ Shipment will be billed in 3 billing descriptions.

ii) Goods delivered to WHIZ warehouse at once or by 1 Purchase Order (PO), but deliver to 3 destination points → Shipment will be billed in 3 billing descriptions.
* If additional service needed, please contact our customer service personnel.


7. The quotation included one free delivery trip. There will be additional delivery charges for second or other delivery attempt.


8. Client must provide the confirmed delivery address,if any charges to be made, client is required to apply from WHIZ by submit the [Notice of Delivery Address]. Otherwise, WHIZ will NOT take any action on client request.


9. WHIZ will charge for the cargo return fees upon client request to return the cargo if delivery attempts failed .For shipment cargo arrived at WHIZ warehouse store more than 7 days. Storage charges will be incurred & delivery charges will bill accordingly.


10. Please refer our Customer Service Department for the charges of loading or unload abnormal or special cargo.
E.g Extra weight & forlift charges.


11. West Malaysia remote areas & East Malaysia delivery charges will be quoted according to Transport Company’s actual rate.


12. All rates quoted above are excluded from insurance. (1% calculate per goods prices).


13. Clients should not consign the goods which are prohibited by Export or Import country’s government. E.g. High custom duty products, imitation products, food, liquid, powder, explosive items, hazardous/ high risk goods, fragile items, medicament or drug, compact disc, sexual items, items against religion and culture, etc. Any unforeseen incident occurred during transit or custom clearance, which caused by the above mentioned factors,the consigner should responsible at his own risk and our company lost.Besides,we will submit the entire case to related government department for further action.


14. All import items through by WHIZ should be under general product category.Items with Local Permit enquiry are strictly not acceptable.Client MUST truly declare to WHIZ for categories Higher import duty item which material in PVC, PLASTICS, CERAMIC AND PORCELAIN as it will based on actual import rate on billing and WHIZ got no responsibility to verify the cargo actual value.


15. WHIZ have right to proceed the authority to verify the cargo actual item and declare item, we will reject or return the particular cargo if there is any vary between the actual and declare item stated in P/O. and if there is any related charges incurred should be bare by client itself.


16. Client should declare the cargo content exactly, and provide the related information (sender detail, recipient name or company name, delivery address, postcode, contact numbers) clearly. Otherwise, WHIZ will claim from the client if any lost happened.


17. Our company will NOT responsible for the compensation of damages or delay caused by the following factors:

1. Delay caused by custom or uncontrollable custom issues/p>

2. Incorrect delivery addresses

3. Consignees refuse to receive the cargo

4. Cargo contain Clause No.13 mentioned items

5. Delay caused by appointed clearance agent

6. Vessel delayed.

7. Scourge


18. All cargo packaging should be in good condition and undertake the shipping or loading pressures. Otherwise, WHIZ will not responsible on any damage or issues arise. WHIZ will only responsible for the loss of glassware,fragile items and lighting products, but no compensation to be made for damage.


19. Client should login report officially in writing for all claims or complaint within 7 days upon cargo received with related prove of claims.Otherwise, WHIZ will not accept or handle the case which is over above mentioned period.


20. Provision on damages or loosses of cargo will NOT exceed three (3) times of the entire shipment total handling charges.


21. WHIZ could trade the client particular cargo to offset the outstanding payment which this cargo has stored at WHIZ warehouse over 2 months upon cargo received by WHIZ


22. Client is required to stamp and sign the said document, and provide complete contact details and required documents at Clause No 1. The agreement remains invalid until review and approved by WHIZ authorized personnel.


23. The account will be cancelled if without any transaction for six month.


24. All cargo handle by WHIZ should comply with above “Cargo Service Agreement” subject to our terms and conditions, all rates quoted are subject to change without prior notice.


25. WHIZ will NOT responsible for any shipment handling or operation before “Cargo Service Agreement” approved by our company .


26. Payment Mode: Prepaid/ Payment in advance


1. 依据我公司运作标准,客户必须提供贵公司注册及相关资料予我司审核后能开始运作。如:个人名片/公司名片


2. 此货物承运协议仅限于我司WHIZ仓库进口之货物。


3. 报价只包含到门, (只属底楼), 不包含外坡/郊外区域;搬运费一律另外加收. 如派送商场, 店铺, 活动大厅以及特殊地方, 费用另议.


4. 运费以实际重量或实际立方计算,取大者为准.


5. 适用此报价之包裹尺寸(厘米)或实际重量(公斤)计算标准为:

包裹尺寸(厘米)=长+宽+高 < 120 厘米及实际重量(公斤) < 20 公斤/箱.


6. 以单票进仓单/订货单或每单张派送单,次数最大者为计算单位.


i) 货物分3票进仓一次派送, 发票将按3票分别计费.

ii) 货物以一票进仓,但分三个派送点,发票则以三个派送点分别计费.

如需拆箱或额外服务, 价格另议.


7. 此《货物承运协议》之报价包含一次派送服务,若因收货方之因素导致货物需再次安排派送,则需加收派送费.


8. 寄件人必须提供准确的派送地址,如有更改,必须填写【送货地址通知单】向我司申请,否则我司将无法办理此作业.


9. 非我司原因货物无法投递时,若寄件人要求退回,则所产生的退回费用由寄件人承担.对于因贵司之因素,货物囤放我司马来西亚仓库逾期7天, 即会收取储费及派送将另计费.


10. 如影响装卸之特重或超大型货物,需加收装卸费则另议而定.例如:超重&叉车费用.


11. 西马偏远地区价格将依实际外坡收费另行报价.东马货物只送到西马的代理仓库.


12. 此协议价格不包含货物保险(以货物价格1%计算).


13. 客户所交寄之货物不得是属进出口国家政府之限制出口品,如高货值产品,防冒牌产品,食品,液态物,粉状物,易燃品,易碎品,危险品,药剂,光碟,色情淫秽产品,宗教文化限制品.如在运输途中或清关过程中,因上述因素导致之问题,协议客户方需承担所有相关之责任及我司之损失费用,我司并会配合相关政府部门立即处理.


14. 我司只承运普通货,涉及国家规定需要进出口许可证之货物,我司将不接受理; 针对高税率品, 寄件人需如实申报,例 PVC, 塑胶品,陶器类等货物,我司将按国家进口税率征收进口税,我司承运时无核托寄物实际价值的义务.


15. 出于安全需要及政府部门的要求,我司有权对承运的货物开封检查与核实,如发现承运物与订单上填写之品名不符或申报不实属于不被预收寄货物,我司有权柜收或者退回,并有权收取所产生的费用.


16. 寄件人必须如实申报承运货物内容并确保是普通货,并准确,清晰的填写寄件人,收件人的公司名称,姓名,地址,邮递编号,联系电话等资料;未如实填写造成我司损失,寄件人须承担赔偿责任.


17. 对于以下情况导致的包裹损坏和时间延误,WHIZ 将不做出赔偿:

1. 海关造成的延误及其它不可控的海关因素

2. 地址等信息不正确

3. 收件人拒收包裹

4. 包裹内含有危险品,易碎品或违禁品(条约第13项所述产品)

5. 指定清关代理造成的延误

6. 航班造成的延误

7. 天灾等.


18. 贵公司所托运之物必须妥善包装, 使之能承受运输和装卸的压力,否则其破损及所衍生的责任非属我司理赔范围内;玻璃制品及易碎物品,我司保失不保损.


19. 客户索取赔偿必须收货当日起7天以内书面形式向我司提出,并附相关证明.逾期则我司将视为已按规定完成运送而不再受理.


20. 货物遗失赔偿: 依遗失部分之运费最高三倍赔偿.


21. 若寄件人或者收件人在指定时间内未付清运费, 我司有权留置托寄物品, 留量期限为2个月(从寄件日期计算). 期限届满收寄人仍未付清时, 我司有权变卖投寄物品已冲抵运费及相关费用.


22. 此协议必须附有公司盖章, 完整的联系资料及以上第一点所述之文件, 协议必须经我司审核后方属有效.


23. 如开立之客户帐号于6个月内皆无运货记录, 该客户之帐号将自动被取消.


24. 交予我司承运货物必须符合以上《货物承运协议》, 且我司保留以上报价之更改权限.


25. 若未经我司批核《货物承运协议》前之任何货物交收或承揽活动, 皆视为我司责任范围以外.


26. 付款条件: 预付运费/ 送货前需付清运费.